Adjusters' Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of National Restorations’ cabinet and furniture programs?

Price Guarantee: By utilizing National Restorations, you are receiving a guaranteed repair estimate backed by our local repair firms.

One Stop Shop: We take care of everything from calculating and providing a guaranteed repair quote and our opinion of replacement value to managing the repair once the job is awarded to National Restorations. All of our estimates have a local repair firm ready, willing and able to perform the repair at the quoted price.

Improved Cycle Times: Utilizing our services significantly improves cycle times. Our photo estimates can deliver the necessary information for you to make an informed decision within 2 business days. Repairing items is more cost effective and we can have the loss area back to pre- loss condition weeks earlier than other options.

Create Value: It’s one thing to provide a repair number, but the value is when there is a local repair firm ready, willing, and able to do the repair at that price. All our estimates are guaranteed by National Restorations.

Guarantee: By utilizing National Restorations for repairs, you are providing your policyholders with a 5-year workmanship warrantee, which exceeds industry standards. You are also providing them with our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Highly credentialed & experienced repair firms: National Restorations has the most experienced and highly credentialed repair firms in the industry. Each firm has been in business a minimum 5 years, with the majority having at least 10 years in the woodworking field.

What happens after I make an assignment?

Once you submit a claim to National Restorations, the following happens depending on which service you choose:

Photo Assignment:

  • We take the information & photos submitted to us, prioritize that claim and then send our evaluation report (R3) within 1-2 business days.
  • Once the report is provided, we then reach out to the homeowner to educate them on our services, our evaluation report, and answer any questions they may have. If they want to move forward with the repairs, we handle that process, too. If not, we close the file and bill for the inspection fee.

On-Site Evaluations:

  • We reach out to the homeowner within 24 hours of the claim being submitted. We introduce National Restorations and educate them on our services. We explain the next steps which include: setting expectations and introducing our local repair firm who will be contacting them to set up a time for the onsite inspection.
  • Our repair firm conducts the inspection on the loss site (or wherever the items may be) and answers any questions the homeowner may have about the repair process.
  • We then review our repair firm’s findings & pricing, turn the report around to you within 72 hours of inspection, and ask for approval to proceed with approaching repair options with homeowner.

What happens after I receive the repair estimate?

When National Restorations provides you with our completed R-3 report, a few things happen once we get your approval:

  • We reach out to the homeowner, discuss our repair analysis and costs with them, and answer any questions they might have.
  • If the homeowner is undecided, we give them a couple of days to make a decision and then follow up 2 more times after the first discussion.
  • If the homeowner advises they are not interested in repairs or we do not hear back, we will simply close the claim, send you the inspection fee invoice, and close out the file.
  • If the homeowner decides to proceed with the repair the estimating fee will be credited back. We prefer to have the settlement check sent directly to National Restorations, but if your carrier prefers to send it to the homeowner we will require a 50% deposit from the insured once they receive their check. The balance is due upon completion and approval of the homeowner.

What type of reports are available?

National Restorations provides a very detailed and in depth document called the R-3 report that includes the following:

  • Damage Description: A very thorough analysis of the damage to the piece(s) we evaluated.
  • Repair Scope of Work: This is a very detailed and thorough analysis of what our repair firm will do to get the item(s) back to pre-loss condition.
  • The Reparability Assessment (Is it reparable, yes or no.)
  • The Guaranteed Repair Cost (What it will cost us to repair to pre-loss condition.)
  • Our Opinion of Replacement Value*

*We are not a replacement company, so the opinion of replacement is included as a courtesy and is not guaranteed like our repair value is.

Our reports are the same for both on-site and photo evaluation requests as well as furniture or cabinets.

Can a repair reduce damage to wallpaper, paint, countertops, etc.?

In most circumstances, yes, but it is a case by case basis depending on the extent of the loss and what is involved in the process. National Restorations and our repair firms are expertly trained to properly remove cabinets, countertops, etc., to reduce the possibility of secondary damage that might occur otherwise.

How do I assign a claim?

Click here for your online claim form.

When submitting photos:

  • Cabinet Losses should include close up photos of damage, overview of kitchen, measurements and exactly which boxes are damaged.
  • Furniture Losses should include photos from every angle, the manufacturer, the value claimed and any additional info you may have.