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Erasing All Signs of Damage!

In less time than it takes to replace them, cabinets can often be restored to their original condition. Whether it’s a simple refacing or more involved rebuilding, our craftsmen are experts at matching finishes. Partial restorations blend perfectly with existing undamaged cabinetry.

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Restoring Countertops

Restoring the cabinets is only one part of cost effectively restoring a kitchen. Properly supporting countertops can reduce the risk of breaking them while also keeping the kitchen in operation during restoration.

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Restore Beats Replace Every Time!

It doesn’t make financial sense to replace fine wood furniture or cabinets that can be restored. Use this analogy: If your car’s fender has a dent, you don’t replace the whole car. You replace the fender and maybe do a little painting if needed. Similarly, you don’t replace a restorable piece of furniture or cabinet.

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