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Erasing All Signs of Damage!

In less time than it takes to replace them, cabinets can be restored to their original condition. Whether it’s a simple refacing or more involved rebuilding, our craftsmen are experts at matching finishes. Partial restorations blend perfectly with existing undamaged cabinetry.

Take a look at some step by step examples of our cabinet restoration work, below:

  • Water-damaged cabinets;
  • Fabricating new boxes for ruined cabinets;
  • On-site repairs; and
  • Fire-damaged cabinets.

Water-Damaged Cabinets

Check out this water damaged cabinet we were able to bring back to pre-loss condition.

Water damage to side panel is evident.

Wood veneer is finished to exactly match the color and sheen of existing cabinetry.

New, matching veneer is installed.

Fabricating New Boxes for Cabinets

Sometimes the existing face frames can be reused on new boxes.

Damaged cabinets are carefully removed from the home with as little disruption to the room as possible.

Existing face frames are cautiously removed.

A new box is fabricated to exactly match the size and components of the damaged piece.

Original face frame and hardware are reinstalled.

Existing face frame and drawers are installed on the new box. The cabinet will be reinstalled in the home, completing the restoration in less time than it would take to build new.

On-site Repairs

Repairs can sometimes take place on-site in the home, especially in kitchens.

Sink base damage can often be repaired on the spot.

Damaged areas are removed.

New supports and base sections are fabricated and installed without the need to remove plumbing.

New base is pre-finished or laminated to match the existing structure so it can be installed in a single visit.

Fire-Damaged Cabinets

Fire-damaged cabinets can be restored as well.

Charred doors and face frames are typical of a stove top fire. But, this kitchen is not a total loss.

Depending on the extent of damage, the cabinet can be removed and repaired, or rebuilt.

Cabinets are restored to match the exact color and luster of existing cabinetry.

All signs of damage are gone.