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Photo Evaluation

Photo Evaluation Report: Taking Photos & Submitting a Request

What You Get
Reduce cycle times while saving money by using National Restorations’ Photo Evaluation Report for damaged wood furniture and cabinets. The Photo Evaluation Report offers the same details as an Onsite Evaluation, but is turned around in one to two business days.

  • Provides expert damage assessment
  • Includes a proposal to repair based on the photo detail
  • Offers an opinion of replacement value
  • Backed by our vetted restoration network

Simply Submit a Claim and choose the Photo Evaluation Report (1-2 business days) option when completing the web form.

Taking & Submitting Photos
The key to a comprehensive Photo Evaluation Report is good photos that provide a complete view of the item(s) and damage. When sending photos remember to:

  • Take an overall photo of damaged piece of furniture
  • In the case of cabinets, take a photo of entire kitchen, or room, showing the type and extent of cabinets as well as where the damage is in relation the whole
  • Take a closer photo of the damaged part or parts
  • Take a close up of the damage itself

Other helpful information includes:

  • For cabinets, it is important to supply the total linear feet of uppers and lowers, as well as islands and full height cabinets, not just the linear feet of the damaged portion of the cabinets. These measurements enable us to provide you a replacement value
  • Photos of an open drawer, on desks, dressers, or cabinets; this helps identify how the piece is made by showing joinery style
  • Photos of manufacturer markings or brands to assist with replacement values and age
  • Description of the damage from you, the homeowner/insured, or other onsite contact, like the mitigator

The more detail you provide, both via photos and written commentary, the more capable we are to provide a complete and accurate repair scope in a short amount of time, with minimal questions to you. See below for samples of photos.

Furniture Photo Samples
Examples of a good photos shown below for furniture items:

Photos from a water damage claim; showing overall piece, front and back, as well as close up images of damage to the top, drawers, and inside.

Another water damage claim; showing the overall chair is ok and that the damage is concentrated on the legs, both staining and a broken piece.

Samples of Poor Photos

These are poor examples because they were sent in on their own. The gouge on the left could be a table, dresser, or any number of flat top surfaces. This photo with at least another showing the overall piece would provide us the ability to consider an opinion of value, pickup and delivery, and other relevant factors. The photo on the right clearly shows a table with smoke and fire damage. What it does not show is a massive amount of damage underneath.

Cabinet Photo Samples

Examples of good photos shown below for kitchen cabinets:

These photos provide a good overall view of the kitchen and were accompanied by a note saying that the upper cabinets and doors that were removed were completely destroyed by the stovetop fire. With the overall view of the kitchen, we can see the door style and number of cabinets affected. As a side note, it is better to hold on to anything burned and provide photos of them. We can determine whether they can be repaired.

These photos show the overall kitchen and that the damage is contained to the lower cabinet boxes; we would still need to know which boxes were affected. From these overall photos, we can also estimate the linear feet of cabinets to calculate the estate replacement value.

This set of photos shows a very simple example of basic fire damage in one area of a small but elegant kitchen. Even though the contractor removed the affected part of the cabinets, the photo to the right lets us clearly evaluate the extent of damage.

Samples of Poor Photos

These samples are poor because they were sent in as single photos to show damage to four (4) different kitchens. While they show cabinet damages, it is unclear if the damage is to upper or lower cabinets in the top two photos, the left bottom only shows one side of one cabinet and the surrounding cabinets in the photo may or may not be damaged. The last photo, in the bottom right, shows the cabinets wrapped, normally to contain mold or smoke odor, but we cannot estimate repairs from this type of photo.

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