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Reduce Your Cycle Times

We certainly appreciate that cycle times are essential to an adjuster’s job. Minimize your cycle times for cabinet and wood furniture claims by using Renovar’s photo evaluation service.

Why use a photo evaluation? They are accurate!

·         Photo evaluations are just as accurate as an onsite evaluation. Renovar guarantees that work will be completed for the estimated cost.

·         Backed by the Renovar network of repair partners who are ready, willing and able to complete repairs for the estimated cost.

·         If Renovar is unable to provide an accurate estimate from the submitted photos, we advise the adjuster and/or request an onsite evaluation.

Why are adjusters using Renovar's photo evaluation service? Speed, cost and convenience!

·         Quick turn-around time (1 – 2 business days).

·         Very cost effective. And, if the insured utilizes Renovar for the repair, the cost of the evaluation is refunded.

·         Insured is not required to schedule an appointment with yet another vendor.

·         You can close claims quickly knowing the insured has received a fair and accurate settlement.


Properly estimating a claim based only on photos requires that you provide the following information, in addition to good, quality photos that clearly show damage.


·         Photos that show an overview of the kitchen;

·         Photos that show close-up of the damage;

·         Measurements to include linear footage of the entire kitchen, plus linear footage of damaged cabinets;

·         Description of damaged boxes to include items such as hardware, toe-kicks, etc.; and

·         Description of the type of cabinet (i.e., above-normal or basic grade); include photos of opened drawers and/or cabinets that show joinery if unique in any way.


·         Photos that show an overview of the damaged item from all angles including top, front, back, each side, bottom if appropriate;

·         Photos that show close-up of the damage;

·         Description of damage (e.g., water, fire, vandalism); and

·         “Claimed Value” including the source (e.g., homeowner, general contractor).

Last but not least, please indicate in your submittal whether the cabinets and/or furniture are accessible (not in storage) and still at the insured’s location.

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