Get the answers you need to your most frequently asked questions.

Why do insurance companies use Renovar?

We offer a professional and guaranteed assessment for the repair and restoration of the damaged furniture and/or cabinets. The carrier has confidence that the work will be done by our qualified craftsmen who carry the necessary insurance and have had the required background checks. The insurance company appreciates that Renovar saves the homeowner the inconvenience of searching for an independent local vendor and can provide both the estimate and the repair.

Can I use Renovar for repairs for items not related to the loss?

Yes! Simply click on the Submit a Claim link and fill out the required fields and details of damage (along with photos, if you have them). We can provide an estimate from photos or a physical inspection. You can also call us at 877. 884. 9446. (There will be an initial inspection/estimate fee for an onsite inspection or photo evaluation, but will be credited back if we perform the repairs). If you authorize repairs, a 50% deposit will be required at the start of the job and the balance will be due upon completion.

How does the claim process work?

When we receive your claim from the adjuster/insurance carrier we immediately notify you and confirm your claim information. If it is for an onsite inspection we then forward the assignment to our local craftsman in your area. That office will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment to inspect the damages and confirm that the items are restorable. If it is for a photo estimate we forward to one of our estimators who will send a detailed report to your adjuster within 2 business days.

How does a photo estimate work?

Over 90% of the claims we receive can be estimated through photos if they are clear and detailed. This is the preferred process for most adjusters and Renovar as we can send our detailed report within 2 business days. A Photo Estimate carries the same guaranteed price (subject to what can be seen in the photos) and a 5 year workmanship warranty.

How do you restore damaged furniture?

First and foremost, we consider restoration only if the items can be restored to pre-loss condition or better. There are several repair methods, depending on the type and extent of damage. Some items require complete refinishing, while others may require only partial restoration. Our first option is to restore only the damaged areas (e.g., bottom of bases, legs, tops, etc.) if they can be restored to match the rest of the piece. If partial restoration is not possible, we refinish the entire piece.

How do you restore damaged cabinets?

We first consider partial restoration. Depending on the extent of the damage, the damaged cabinets may either be refinished or we will rebuild a box(s) and replace the damaged doors and face frames. All areas will be refinished to match the surrounding cabinets.

My kitchen is 10 years old. Can you match the old finish?

Yes! Our skilled craftsmen and craftswomen are experts at matching finishes, trim, molding, and more.

Is the work guaranteed?

Yes. Our “Satisfaction Guarantee” policy states that if repairs are not to your satisfaction we will return to address your concerns. All workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years.

Will there be any evidence of damage?

No. We will not repair an item that cannot be restored to pre-loss condition. Your items will look and function the same or better than before the loss incident.

Will a repair possibly damage wallpaper, paint, countertops, etc.?

It depends on the repair. Since only the damaged components are being carefully removed and reinstalled, there usually is little associated damage. With countertops we usually can remove the base cabinets without damaging the countertops and allows the kitchen to continue to function.